"Studio di Ingegneria delle Strutture"

The Studio of Structural Engineering was founded in the 1998 by Francesco Fanigliulo, Structural Engineer.

Graduates in the november 13th 1997, from University of Study of Calabria, Faculty of Civil Engineering, with a specilization in Strucutral Engineering with tesis “Design of a cable stayed bridge with a asymetric pylon”. graduated with vote of 103/110. For the Italy, he claimed the abilitation of exercise of Engineering job in january 20th 1998, next in the  febbruary 04th 1998, he was enrolled at the Order of Engineer of  Cosenza, al no. 2593.

For the Accademic Year 1997/98 he executed the assignment of Tutor about the Technical Construction Course, Degree of Engineering of Infrastructures.

For the Accademic Year 1998/99 he executed the assignment of Tutor about Technical Construction for the Course of Degree in Civil Engineering, Transport, Geotecnical and Idraulic  Addresses, Course of Degree for the Environemental and landscape Engineering  di Laurea Ambiente e Territorio.

For the Accademic Year 1999/2000, he executed the assignment of Tutor about Bridges Construction, for the Course of Civil Engineering, Structural and Transport Address.

In the year 2004 he founded Studio Fanigliulo S.r.l.

In the year 2017 he founded FaniPRO S.r.l.

In the year 2019 he founded  FaniPRIME Ltd

Dr. Ing. Francesco Fanigliulo at work


The professional skills we have developed since  1998 are:

 design and executive design, construction manager,  price estimation during construction, design and price estimation for industrial plants and machinery, design and construction management in bridges structures as cable stayed bridges or viaducts, architectural surveys and topographical surveys.

The fields we operate on are:

  • Industrial Complexes for Transformation of Raw Material;
  • Residential Buildings and Human Architecture;
  • Resorts, Hotels, Hospitals and Malls;
  • Entertainment Facilities, e.g. Cinemas and Discos;
  • Bridges, Dams, Roads and Motorways Design;
  • Design of Marinas and its Infrastructures;
  • Structural Rehabilitations, Concrete’s Consolidations and Masonry Structures;
  • Studies of Materials and their Implementations in a Production Process;
  • Safety Consulting and Application on Building Constructions and in Farms;
  • Environmental Consultancy.


      -Via Ludovico Ariosto 34, 87100, Cosenza (CS)

      -Tel: +39.0984.795683

      -Email: info@studiofanigliulo.it